We’re tired of getting lost because of old, inaccurate, or confusing maps. So we decided to make our own. With our maps you will not only have accurate information to keep you from getting lost, but you will also be able to plan your trips and explore better. Our maps include:

  • The ability to geo reference your location to keep you on track and never be lost.

  • Accurate trail information. We’ve put our feet on every feet of the trails in each park. The location and length is exact and will help you plan out your next hike.

  • Pictures along the route to show the type of terrain you’ll be on and what the key points and trail junctions look like through the whole park.

  • Color and and black&white PDFS to print and take with you

  • Park topology and trail designs available for posters, coffee cups, pillow cases, etc.

If there’s a park you’d like in a different color or style, we’d be happy to make it for you and send a sample before printing. Just send a request to inventurescouts@gmail.com