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About inventure



Our Goal

Why is there no adult version of boy scouts? 

Traditionally The Boy Scouts of America was meant to be a precursor to joining the military. It seems self explanatory; they have ranks, carry their gear on their backs, and trek long distances. But obviously this is not what the average person is looking for when they ask the question "what is the adult version of scouts".  The other answer I most commonly got when I asked this question was "you're a grown ass adult, just go outside if you want to camp. You don't need to be a scout". But again, this misses the mark. My time as a boy scout was not about just being outside. I was with a group of guys that varied in age and skill level and we learned about the outdoors while also teaching it to the newer guys. The hierarchy and trickle down teaching was the best part of being a scout.

That's our goal here. Scouting shouldn't be just for young guys anymore. Just because you turned 18 (or are a girl) doesn't mean you should have to miss out on exploring whats right in your backyard. Inventure Scouts is about getting people with different levels of skills together so we can all learn from each other and gain a new appreciation for the outdoors. Whether you've never been hiking before or you've backpacked the entire AT (2,200 miles!), you have a role here. We need your unique experiences to make our group grow.

Who I am


This ridiculous looking guy is me. I usually go by Paul. I went through the entire scout program when I was a kid and loved it. Even cub scouts! When I turned 11 I joined the "high adventure troop" in my home town and it was the best decision I could have made. While some scouting troops were focused on churning out eagle scouts, my troop focused on giving us adventures. We went high elevation hiking in Colorado, canoed across the boundary waters in Michigan, and biked our way through Prince Edward Island in Canada. All before I turned 18.

I did end up getting my eagle scout merit badge (barely making the deadline) and eventually returned the troop as an Assistant Scout Master for a short time. The skills I learned in the troop have stuck with me even when I forget to practice them. I thought I would be rusty, but on my first camping trip after college I was able to make a 1 match fire easily. Also all my knot skills were still woven into the muscle memory of my hands, I cooked a delicious meal over a fire, and I used a topographic map to fix our incorrect detour when we missed a trail-head. I'm so impressed at how well my troop's style of teaching left a permanent skill set for me to use at any time.

I want to take this farther than camping though. I plan to use the teaching style of my old troop to learn new skills that get me outdoors and living a full life. There's nothing stopping any of us from becoming backpackers, scuba divers, mountain bikers, or whatever! Why not get outside, connect with nature, and learn something bad ass along the way.

Join us

So if you're looking for a group to support you and your adventuring spirit then join us! Check out the calendar for our next trip. Each trip will have a skill we focus on and work to improve while on the trail. Even if you have no idea where to start, we will show you where and how to take your first step to get you hooked on being outdoors. The hardest part is always getting some momentum, so consider us that initial push. We'll see you out there!